Your connection stories

We launched our 200,000 member milestone campaign in December 2017, and we’ve been overwhelmed by our members’ response to it. We’ve seen their happiness on finding their name, and the names of family, friends and colleagues, on our physical and virtual wall. And we’ve been impressed by their messages that describe how ACCA membership has unlocked the potential of their career.

Here are some examples:

Your Connections

Reindorf B Perbi



At the 2017 African Members Convention held at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I noticed the member wall that listed members of ACCA in alphabetical order, using surnames. I took time to look for my name, and it sure was exciting seeing it there. I had walked away when it occurred to me to look for my daughter’s name, and it sure was double the excitement and feeling of pride to see our names side by side. You don’t keep such experiences to yourself: I could not help sharing it with other members standing by.

Michael Tse and Corina Ho

Hong Kong

Michael Tse and Corina Ho supported each other through their journey to membership; Corina said

We were from different universities and different companies, having the same aim obtain accounting qualification with ACCA. We took the same papers, studied together and passed all examinations together. We spent most of our dating time studying, forging nearly all entertainment activities. We spent most of our time in library study rooms and coffee shops. It was tough but fruitful. 

Michael commented

We gained the Gold and Bronze awards, which were something we had never expected and this remains to be one of our greatest achievements so far. Reading the messages, we are proud of ACCA’s efforts in expanding its foothold into emerging markets.


Lucy Kettleborough and Dean Cunnah



Lucy Kettleborough and Dean Cunnah initially met in the same accountancy firm. They studied and sat their final exams together. Lucy said

it was definitely a big help having each other’s supporting in work and during studying. I dedicated so much time and effort into studying to ensure I was passing my exams first time and every time it was a huge relief that the hard work had finally paid off. It felt like such a big achievement to have made it to the end.

Dean and Lucy both reconnected with old friends through the 200,000 member campaign. Dean said:

I saw on Facebook that friends from school were promoting the campaign and since then I have got back in touch. 

Lucy commented

I reconnected with an old school friend and a friend that I grew up with. We sat the exams together pretty much all the way through, sharing lifts back and forth to study. We have stayed good friends which is lovely.

Lung-tak Wong and Edmund Wong

Hong Kong

Edmund Wong was inspired by his father Lung-tak Wong to become an accountant. After graduating from University Edmund joined ACCA under strong recommendation from Fergus Wong, who was the current chairman of ACCA Hong Kong in the year he joined. Throughout the campaign Edmund has found many of his friends on the member wall and said 

I believe the 200,000 member campaign is a platform for connecting us worldwide.


Rachel Derry and Mark Harris



Rachel Derry and Mark Harris met while working for the same accountancy firm in the UK. Now married, they’ve been working in Bermuda for the past 13 years and are very involved with ACCA Caribbean’s work. They decided to study ACCA for a mix of reasons. Rachel said

My colleagues highly recommended the flexible registration and study options to me – which other bodies were only just starting to offer.

Mark had a similar experience where an audit partner that he worked for recognised ACCA as a world class accounting profession that could expand his horizons from a career perspective. And Mark commented

He was absolutely right!

Both Rachel and Mark joined the 200,000 member milestone celebrations by finding their name on our member wall. Rachel said

It was a great feeling to find my name on the member wall – and to be part of the worldwide group of members.